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The world's leading one-stop international logistics online service platform, the online service platform connects the information flow of all sectors of the industry, integrates the global marine, air, rail, multimodal transport, trailer, customs declaration, insurance, overseas warehouse, destination and other international logistics full link high-quality resources, and forms a multi category and multi price standard commodity. Different demanders of international logistics can perform online through online query, online order placement and online performance to achieve rapid demand matching and efficient performance. At present, overseas branches have been established in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries.


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Through the tracking of the annual operation track of 6000 cargo ships around the world and the real-time monitoring of the "electronic fence" data of 1200 ports, we can effectively predict the shipping date, grasp the container cargo logistics nodes in real time, and conduct risk early warning in time to protect your container cargo information.

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At present, there are more than 300 global shipping companies and airlines that have cooperated with Sinotrans, and more than 3500 global suppliers, nincluding large airlines, railway platforms of railway companies, freight agents, trailer operators, customs brokers, insurance companies, overseas warehouses, express companies, etc. Based on the huge business volume, n "Where to Ship" continues to accelerate the online commercialization of high-quality shipping and air transport exclusive products, further improve the convenience and transparency of foreign trade customers' online order placement and online performance, and reduce the comprehensive logistics cost while saving worry.

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YQNLink is the largest digital freight forwarder in China with 10 branches, including Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao and etc. We provide the best inland service and most competitive freight rates with guaranteed space from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

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